Beth Orton

Ted was introduced to Beth by Ali Friend through her work with ‘Red Snapper’.

On signing to Heavenly Records, she invited them to write and play on her debut album ‘Trailer Park’.  Released in 1996 to huge critical acclaim it received a Brit Award, a Mercury Award nomination and in 2009 it was re-released as a “seminal classic album”.

The collaboration continued through Beth’s subsequent releases including ‘Best Bit’ EP and the albums ‘Central Reservation’ and ‘Daybreaker’.

Ted was also a permanent member of her touring band for over ten years parting ways just before her ‘Company of Strangers’ album.

They continue to write and play together.


Gavin Clark

Ted and Gavin first collaborated on Teds debut album ‘Short Scenes’. They went onto form Clayhill with Ali Friend, and he continued to sing on further solo albums.

With the demise of Clayhill in 2009, Gavin asked Ted to produce his first and only solo album, ‘When we had Faces’. This became the soundtrack for Shane meadows ‘Somers Town’ and was finally part released on ‘Beautiful Skeletons’ in 2014. Very sadly Gavin passed away in the beginning of 2015.

As long-term friends and collaborators, Ted and Ali were honoured to play at his remembrance service in the summer of 2015.


Emily Barker

Having met through mutual friends, Emily asked Ted to play on and co-produce her 2011 album with The Red Clay Halo, ‘Almanac’. He went on to play on ‘Dear River in 2013 and was a regular guest at her live shows.

They have collaborated on several Arctic Circle projects and continue to write together.

Her 2020 release ‘A Dark Murmuration of Words’ features the co-written track ‘Return Me’


Gill Sandell

Gill is a multi instrumentalist and singer songwriter .  She invited Ted to play on her album ‘Light the Boats’ in 2013 and he then toured as part of her band.

They continue to regularly write, play and record together.


Dom Coyote

Having worked with Ted on various projects, composer/ theatre maker Dom Coyote, asked Ted to play on and produce his debut solo album. ‘Earthbound’ which was released in April 2020.


John Martyn

Following his death in 2009, Ted was invited to record one of John’s songs for the tribute album, ‘Johnny Boy Would Love This’. 

Ted’s rendition of ‘Over The Hill’ featured the vocals of Gavin Clark.