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Shane Meadows

Through his work with the singer Gavin Clark, Ted has been involved in the soundtracks of the acclaimed British director, Shane Meadows.

These include Clayhill tracks on ‘Dead Mans Shoes’, ‘This is England’ and ‘Le Donc & Scor-zay-zee’.

Shane also directed a short for Clayhill called Northern Soul.

In 2008 the tracks for Gavin Clarks solo album were used for the ‘Somers Town’ sound track.

In 2013/14 Ted played and wrote for the live reworking of the ‘Dead Mans Shoes’ soundtrack for Warp Films 10th anniversary celebrations in Sheffield and the Southbank, London.

In 2019, ‘If the Truth Hurts’ from Teds first solo album, ‘Short Scenes’ featured in ‘The Virtues’.


Harry Escott

Friends through their work with the Arctic Circle, award winning composer, Harry Escott, has asked Ted to be involved in playing on several of his projects. These include the TV soundtrack ‘Wild Bill’ and the films of Clio Barnard. The title track for her film ‘Dark River’ featured Ted alongside vocalist PJ Harvey.


Stroma Cairns

Film maker Stroma Cairns commissioned Ted to write the music for her award winning short ‘If You Knew’, 2019.

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