Ted in red

Ted’s second solo album Underbelly came out of a writing period away from London, developing music for Shane Meadow’s “Once Upon a Time in the Midlands”. Although it didn’t become the film’s soundtrack the work created during this time did form the basis of the record.

Often dark and completely instrumental, the evolution from Short Scenes - Ted’s first solo album - can be clearly heard. As with his solo debut, this second record received widespread critical acclaim.

Underbelly was produced by Oisin Lunny and released on Sketchbook Records in 2005.

“… achingly sad enough to make you wish Nick Drake was still around to sing on it.” - INDEPENDENT

“… expertly crafted melancholia.” - MOJO

“Fortunate to see the light of day, it’s an elegant record that actually surpasses the rather disappointing film it was originally made for.“ - TIME OUT

“The result is captivating, unusual and, at times, simply awesome.” WORD

“Deeply poetic without uttering a word, his work instantly transfixes you.” - DAZED & CONFUSED

“Uncluttered and lovingly crafted, this is an album that stands out of time - something that I could imagine coming back to in 5 years and enjoying just as much as I do now. Highly recommended.” - BOOMKAT

“This music is quite awesome – simple - but awesome” - RECORD COLLECTOR

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