Portal Nou


Portal Nou

Ted in the reeds

Ted’s third solo album Portal Nou was written between his home on the Kent coast and time spent on the Regent’s Canal in London. Inspired by the birth of his son it marked a new phase in his personal and musical life.

Although it displays some of the haunting characteristics of his previous solo work, the album is much lighter and appropriately buoyant: the title translates into Spanish to mean “new gateway”.

Alongside instrumental tracks, it is the first record to include songs for which Ted wrote lyrics and boasts an impressive list of guest vocalists including Dan Michaelson, Gavin Clark, Beth Orton, Kathryn Williams and Francoiz Breut.

Portal Nou was produced by Sebastian Rogers and released on Ted’s own Mornington Records in 2008.

“… so Barnes is something of a British M.Ward- with all the loveliness that suggests.”

“… a record that starts like a shy bookish librarian and ends with a street party celebration.”

“… the whole thing is just impossibly sad and beautiful and romantic and doomed.”

“Portal Nou is a refreshingly ambitious and artfully crafted album. Highly recommended.”

“… displays his gift for soundtracking films yet to be dreamed up”

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